Salpido G12 Wired Keyboard Mouse Combo - BDS78


Salpido G12 Wired Keyboard Mouse Combo - BDS78

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Product Features & Specifications :
> Simple and stable design, suitable for office use, with a mute button design,
feel comfortable, non-slip mat design, handling more stable, high-strength
ABS material, black and bright, with super modern style.
> Conductive film can be placed with the wiring diagram air oxidation occurs, the failure to prevent the keys.
> Unique waterproof design with chute, accidentally spilled water can be exported quickly.

> The number of buttons: 104keys
> Cable Length: 1.5 meter
> Key Life: ≥1000 million times
> Operating Voltage: 5 ± 5%V
> Current: Top optical sensor and compatibility with a strong master mix, optical
resolution up to 1000DPI, precise positioning.

> Using tick designed to increase the friction wheel and steering feel. In the
fast scrolling mode, the wheel at the time of rolling friction is minimal.

> Weight increase with fast moving in the game to increase the stability and
optimum texture.

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